Log-grown Shiitake

10 October 2018

Shiitake Shiitake mushrooms are among the most widely grown mushrooms in the world, second only to the common white mushroom. In the Netherlands the shiitake is usually grown on a mixture of oak sawdust, wheat straw and water. This shiitake has been available for a long time. However, from now on we offer the log-grown shiitake. This shiitake is even tastier and thicker than the shiitake grown on sawdust. More...

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Functional mushrooms

15 January 2018

No, we don't mean the ordinary mushroom you are going to mix with pasta this evening. This ingredient was previously principally used in dietary supplements, but functional mushrooms are poised to take to the stage in 2018 in your cup of coffee or healthy juice or shake. And now for something completely different: MuSkin - the vegetable leather made from mushrooms ” We are witnessing the emergence of new raw...

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Mushrooms - just your cup of tea

6 December 2017

Mushrooms have been a fixed feature on many menus for years, but in 2018 they will be well and truly in the spotlights. But ‘stirred through rice’ no longer fits the bill. There will be a starring role for (powdered) mushrooms in drinks, soup, coffee, smoothies and tea. And we are not talking about chestnut mushrooms: no, it's more likely to be varieties such as cordyceps, reishi and chaga. Tasty tip:...

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Excellence in Mushrooms