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We believe that the key to success is a shared passion for mushrooms. A passion that extends from our growers who cultivate the tastiest mushrooms right up to the shop assistant enthusiastically describing the best way to prepare and enjoy them. We want to share our passion with consumers all over the world.

A passion we translate into quality in the chain. Quality is safeguarded and embedded in every link. From growing to harvest, to sourcing, packing, processing and marketing fresh mushrooms and ready-to-eat mushroom concepts.



“As well as our own mushroom farms, we work with a group of producers who grow mushrooms exclusively for Banken. We regularly visit our suppliers and provide advice on growing and harvesting practice. We also invest annually in R&D to develop high end, innovative cultivation techniques.”

Our supply chain is short and efficient. Production at our own farms is demand-driven, which means the mushrooms have been sold before they have even finished growing and been harvested!  The freshly grown and picked mushrooms are transported in refrigerated vehicles to the distribution centre in Wijchen. The mushrooms are inspected and processed into fresh, finished products in a closed, consistent cool chain environment. From bulk and wholesale packaging for foodservice and catering companies to exclusive boxes holding a single truffle for speciality stores. We develop customised retail packaging in co-creation with our customers. Creative and eye-catching with one aim in mind: standing out on the shop shelves! Considering we are active throughout Europe, that is a process that pushes creativity to the limits. Every country has its own conventions and preferences which we naturally want to reflect. After all, our objective is and remains to astonish the whole world with our delicious, sustainable and exceptional quality mushrooms.

After the mushrooms have been grown and processed, we take care of and supervise the logistics. We have a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles that supply fresh mushrooms to destinations all over Europe on a daily basis. Having our fleet enables us to guarantee quality and respond flexibly to specific customer requirements.

Every day, huge volumes of fresh mushrooms arrive at Banken Champignons. We can ‘identify’ every mushroom that enters the premises. Each batch of mushrooms is barcoded at the farm. The barcode states the date of harvest, article, the flush, country of origin and the grower. Thanks to our Track and Trace system we can always identify the provenance of our mushrooms and their destination.

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