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Champi Cuisine® World Fillings

Discover our flavours of the world. Under the name World Fillings, Champi Cuisine presents a flavoursome range of vegetarian starters: Portobellas filled with various flavours of mushroom ragout.



We have created four variations of fillings for vegetarian gourmets. Each filling is ‘packed’ in a portabella mushroom. The distinctive, nutty flavour of this mushroom variety complements the lovely taste of the filling.


Each filling is an ode to a stunning region in the world: there are two Oriental variations and two Provençal variations available. Each one offers a recognisable, unique taste sensation. Try them all and discover which wonderful part of the world is hidden in these surprising portabellas.




Lemon grass

The zingy fresh flavour of lemon and the firm, tasty bite of this giant, white mushroom.


The characteristic Eastern flavour of the world’s most widely used herb is perfectly showcased in this giant, white mushroom.




Discover the rich, full flavour of the cep, one of the most delicious mushrooms there is.



The addition of truffle gives this superb ragout a genuinely sophisticated, delicate flavour.

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