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Horse mushroom

Latin name: Agaricus arvensis

The Horse mushroom is sometimes also called the aniseed mushroom in the Dutch-speaking world because it has a mild aniseed flavour. The Horse mushroom grows wild in fields and spruce woods inBelgium and the Netherlands. The Horse mushroom is cultivated on a small scale all year round in theNetherlands.

The Horse mushroom is pale yellow in colour and has a white stem. The flesh of the mushroom is firm and white.

Storage and shelf life
The Horse mushroom can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. The optimum storage temperature is2°C.

Flavour and use
These mushrooms taste best when they are young, because as it ages, the flesh turns to dark brown and colours the food it is cooked with dark brown.  The Horse mushroom is perfect for salads.

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