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Latin name: Pholiota nameko

This mushroom’s name is derived from the cluster form in which the mushrooms grow. The Nameko is originally a Japanese mushroom. Today it is also cultivated on a small scale in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Nameko has a clear preference for beech wood.

The Nameko is characterised by its small reddish-brown cap and thin, pale brown stem. The cap, which is about 1 – 2 centimetres across, is slightly tacky, but this disappears during cooking. The flesh is slightly yellow in colour.

Storage and shelf life
This mushroom cannot be kept for long and is best eaten immediately after purchase. To clean: wipe clean with a piece of damp kitchen paper. The mushroom can then be cooked whole.

Flavour and use
The Nameko is a delicious crunchy mushroom which is ideal for soups or stews.

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