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Oyster mushroom

Latin name: Pleurotus ostreatus

In the Netherlands Oyster mushrooms are cultivated all year round on bags containing a mixture of straw and water. They are harvested in clusters and then cut off one by one. In the wild Oyster mushrooms grow in clusters on tree trunks and dead wood.

Oyster mushrooms can be recognised by their pale beige to pale grey, flat, fan-shaped cap 5 to 15 cmacross, small stem and clearly visible gills on the underside. The flesh is white, fibrous and soft. Besides the white Oyster mushroom, pink and yellow varieties are also available.

Storage and shelf life
Fresh Oyster mushrooms are best stored in the refrigerator where they will keep fresh for at least three days.

Flavour and use
Oyster mushrooms have a meaty, mild flavour. Because their flesh is soft, they only need to be cooked very briefly (for a couple of minutes). Oyster mushrooms hardly shrink at all when cooked.

Oyster mushrooms are often used in soups and meat sauces or as an accompaniment to meat. The flavour combines well with chicken, veal and fish.

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