Banken Champignons wins audience award Floriade EXPO 2022

6 December 2022

In week 36, Banken Champignons participated in a mushroom product demonstration at the international horticultural exhibition Floriade EXPO 2022. A highly varied range of fresh wild and cultivated mushrooms was displayed and visitors were treated to delicious morsels of mushrooms. The Audience Jury AGF Product Ratings awarded the Audience Award in the mushroom category to Banken Champignons. The chestnut mushroom was rated best, followed by the portobella and grey oyster mushroom. Thereby, taste was the biggest deciding factor. There were 217 participating visitors. The professional jury of the Floriade EXPO 2022 AGF Product Assessments also awarded second prize in the mushroom category to Banken Champignons for its eryngii mushroom, or king oyster mushroom. Jurgen Banken, managing director, is delighted with the public award. “We notice that consumers are increasingly using our mushrooms in their daily diets. They appreciate their applicability, taste, freshness, healthy properties and sustainable cultivation. We are happy to contribute to the promotion of these healthy seasonings.”


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