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“We inherited our passion for mushrooms from our father. He founded the company and had a distinct vision and mission: making mushrooms available for everyone to enjoy. At the time, that was a massive challenge as mushrooms then were considered a luxury product, comparable to truffles today.

In that regard our parents passed with flying colours. Nowadays, mushrooms are an indispensable ingredient in kitchens all over Europe. As the second generation, we have followed in their footsteps and taken over the company and expanded it into a modern food enterprise. A company with a passion for mushrooms and a focus on sustainability, health and quality.”



Rob Banken

“The passion for mushrooms
sometimes goes beyond our
own professional interests.”


DiscoverBanken Champignons

We believe that the key to success is a shared passion for mushrooms. A passion that extends from our growers who cultivate the tastiest mushrooms right up to the shop assistant enthusiastically describing the best way to prepare and enjoy them. We want to share our passion with consumers all over the world.

A passion we translate into quality in the chain. Quality is safeguarded and embedded in every link. From growing to harvest, to sourcing, packing, processing and marketing fresh mushrooms and ready-to-eat mushroom concepts.

Tracking and Traceability

Where do our mushrooms come from?
We source our mushrooms from all over the world. Thanks to our track & trace system, the barcode on each batch allows us to pinpoint the origin and grower.

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We safeguard quality in every link of the chain by continually inspecting and analysing the produce.

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Corporate SocialResponsibility

Corporate social responsibly is second nature at Banken Champignons. It’s an integral part of who we are. We ‘live’ by virtue of nature and the world around us and want to continue to do so. For this reason, we launch initiatives designed to ease the burden on our environment and reduce energy consumption. We also consider a pleasant and safe working environment in which people can develop their talents to be paramount.

Working atBanken Champignons

“Working at Banken Champignons is different every day, and that why it’s so nice!”
Ron Bergman
Sales support manager France

“Our main goal is to ensure that consumers can buy a tasty, healthy and good mushroom in the store”.
Marjan de Boer
account manager Germany

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