Log-grown Shiitake

10 October 2018


Shiitake mushrooms are among the most widely grown mushrooms in the world, second only to the common white mushroom. In the Netherlands the shiitake is usually grown on a mixture of oak sawdust, wheat straw and water. This shiitake has been available for a long time. However, from now on we offer the log-grown shiitake. This shiitake is even tastier and thicker than the shiitake grown on sawdust. More information…


Oak tree logs

Our shiitake farmer Sjoerd has furnished a large number of Dutch forest fields with oak tree logs. The log-grown cultivation method is a natural way of growing and therefore environmental friendly because there is no need for heating systems, steam baths nor ventilation systems. It is even a very green way of recycling wood.

The intense flavor of the log-grown shiitake is almost similar to meat and therefore a perfect meat substitute. This shiitake is meant to surprise those who eat it. This surprise effect of flavor is the main reason why we chose this beautiful product. Curious about this special shiitake variety? Feel free to contact us, or view the recipe below!

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