Banken Champignonsintroduces vitamin D mushrooms

‘Vitamin D’s effects include boosting the immune system and producing strong bones and healthy teeth. With vitamin D mushrooms, anyone can make up a vitamin D deficiency in a tasty and healthy way,’ explains Jurgen Banken, Director of Banken Champignons.



Banken Champignons has received the European Commission’s green light to launch vitamin D mushrooms on the market. A single serving of this new mushroom variant can make up a vitamin D deficiency. By introducing vitamin D mushrooms, Banken is responding to the still-growing demand for natural, healthy food.




Why vitamin D?

Vitamin D plays an important role throughout our entire life. Children need vitamin D for normal growth and skeletal development. Vitamin D is also necessary to support strong bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D is also indispensable for proper functioning of the muscles and the immune system.  Two-thirds of the vitamin D in our body is produced by ourselves by exposing our skin to sunlight, but our diet also contains vitamin D. When the sun’s strength decreases, or if the body is exposed to too little sunlight, the body fails to produce enough vitamin D. The deficiency can be made up with supplements or other foods such as oily fish, meat or eggs, but also with vitamin D mushrooms.




Vitamin D created by a natural process

When mushrooms are briefly exposed to light, they receive a signal that triggers natural production of vitamin D. Cooking does not reduce the levels of vitamin D in the mushrooms. One portion of the vitamin D mushrooms (100 g) supplied by Banken Champignons is equivalent to the recommended daily intake of 10 micrograms of vitamin D. The vitamin D content of the mushrooms is preserved even after preparation and cooking!

The tasty and easy way to a healthy lifestyle!

The theory behind the principle is simple. Mushrooms naturally create vitamin D under the influence of sunlight.  As mushrooms are grown indoors and are not exposed to sunlight, they don’t produce any vitamin D. Mushrooms contain a substance called ergosterol, which is converted into vitamin D under the influence of sunlight. Thanks





AN eye-CATCHING choice …

The vitamin D mushrooms from Banken Champignons are presented in fresh, natural and eye-catching packaging. All the relevant information is stated on the packaging in the form of health claims. The health claims below stated on the packaging list the many effects that vitamin D has on the body:

  • Maintains strong bones
  • Supports the immune system
  • Contributes to strong teeth
  • Indispensable for proper functioning of the muscles

The mushrooms are presented in a unique cardboard packaging with top seal film, or in a stand-up, environmentally-friendly PET punnet, a presentation designed to make sure the vitamin D mushrooms are impossible to miss in your category.



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