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Discover our passion for mushrooms. A passion we are delighted to share with you. We aim to inspire you to try and enjoy the fabulous flavours of mushrooms. Healthy, tasty and natural. Our entire team is at your service day and night to introduce you to mushrooms sourced from all over world. 

Banken Champignons

Banken Champignons is a modern, family owned company in the food business. A vertical integration. Involved in every link of the supply chain: from growing, picking, processing, packing and refrigerated transport up to worldwide distribution and sales of fresh mushrooms. A reliable partner with a solid logistics network: ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’.


Banken Champignons offers a highly diverse range of fresh mushrooms: from wild or cultivated exotic varieties and common white or chestnut mushrooms of outstanding quality to innovative food concepts that anticipate and answer the latest trends. Produced fairly and sustainably by specialist growers and distributed globally.

Vitamin D

Banken Champignons has received the European Commission’s green light to launch vitamin D mushrooms on the market. A single serving of this new mushroom variant can make up a vitamin D deficiency.


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Control points in the supply chain of mushrooms at Banken Champignons

Before we transport our products to our customers, they are extensively checked for quality, weight, size, temperature, appearance and packaging. That way we guarantee the best product for our customers!

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Latest news Functional mushrooms
No, we don’t mean the ordinary mushroom you are going to mix with pasta this evening. This ingredient was previously principally used in dietary supplements, but functional mushrooms are poised to take to the stage in 2018 in your cup of coffee...

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Food trends Mushrooms - just your cup of tea
Mushrooms have been a fixed feature on many menus for years, but in 2018 they will be well and truly in the spotlights. But ‘stirred through rice’ no longer fits the bill. There will be a starring role for (powdered) mushrooms in drinks, soup, coffee,...

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New recipe Asian style soup
A filling Asian style soup, ready in an instant. Low in calories, high in flavour. 15 minutes – Serves 4 Ingredients 350 g green asparagus 200 g mushrooms for pasta 2 tbsp stir-fry oil 1½ l vegetable stock 300 g mix & stir noodles (bag 150...

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“Every day is different at our company, no day is the same Banken Champignons”

“Working here is amazing in a super team. Everyone aims for the highest quality every single day. We work hard, but the rewards make it all worth it. The terms of employment are excellent! And there’s never a dull moment here, the days just fly by. Every member of the team works towards ensuring that consumers can enjoy fresh mushrooms on their plate.”

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> Fulltime or weekend driver

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