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Latin name: Hypsizygus tesselatus

The Beech Mushroom has only recently started to be cultivated in the Netherlands. You will only find the brown Buna Shimeji and the white Bunapi Shimeji (grown in the dark) in the chiller cabinets in Dutch supermarkets.

The Beech Mushroom grows in clusters and has a long, narrow, tapered stem and a hemispherical cap. It has an absolutely delicious texture, smell and flavour.

Storage and shelf life
Do not eat this mushroom raw as it is not easy to digest and has a bitter taste. Cut the mushrooms from the base. You can discard the base.
The mushrooms can be stored on the base for several days in the refrigerator.

Flavour and use
Cut off the bottom end before use. The stems are edible. The white Beech Mushroom combines wonderfully with all sorts of ingredients and dishes.
The Beech Mushroom can be served whole and is a particularly good accompaniment for fish. The mushroom will retain its slightly crunchy texture if cooked lightly.

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